Spring 2018

Leo Nani: 

Summer is coming once again in our 10th year at Leo Nani Farms. 

We’re harvesting sugar cane this week, pressing that gorgeous purple cane into gallons of nutritious sweetness. We’re also planting heritage seed corn in red, blue, purple and gold ears ( I want to grow it, harvest, grind it and make our own corn meal), as well as sweet corn to eat right off the cob. 

The garden is loaded with greens. 

Pineapples are ripening for September harvest. 

White tea, turmeric root and powder, and cacao nibs all producing and making their way to you if you order on this site. 

And the singing barn is thriving. We’ve hosted three week long vocal workshops with international population. 

Laurence Hobgood was here teaching with me in January. It’s All Music was the title of our collaboration on the subject of composition, arranging and improvisation. Realizing those aspects are all part of music. It was extraordinary. Lucky all of us! 

Every month me, Charles and Colee host a two hour Circle Sing for local singers, all levels, all joy. 

In June, Peter Eldridge from Berklee College and New York Voices and I are teaching Mele a Hakuwale, songs and improvisations surrounded by the beauty and power of this island. I am thrilled to work with this humble giant. 

I noticed today while sitting out near the garden that we hear more birds than ever. A soft rain began about 3 PM and the birds were thrilled. They were singing all about it. 

When we first moved here, there weren’t many birds. The slow steady progress of bringing this weedy pasture into a productive, sustainable farm makes the land sing, so of course the birds return. 

We’ve had great WWOOF (World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms) staff this last year. People come from all around the planet who know about farms and want to learn more and contribute, who understand the desire for music, dance and farming to live together. We notice a particular bliss that comes over people after spending some time on the farm. It is good for the soul. 

Michael from Wales turns out to have been a dry stone wall mason. He built us a beautiful lava rock wall behind the singing barn. 

Four of the young women here this winter are singers so there has been a mighty sound coming from the studio as well as when they are picking tea together. 

In wild and terrible times, we are blessed to be part of the revolution of small organic farms here in Hawaii. 

Growing and sharing food feels just right to me and Janne. It is surely a labor of love. 

We are learning to slow down a little and enjoy the fruits of this labor. 

We have visitors who keep reminding us that the farm is gorgeous. 

We are grateful and have visions ahead for more food, more music, more photographs, more dancing, more joy. 

Gotta stay strong and enjoy the journey.

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