May 2017


Out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 
Out here in the piko of the world, the belly button as the Hawaiians say. 
We are planting corn and tomatoes, arugula, squash and nasturtiums. 
Also harvesting ulu (breadfruit), and camellia sinensis, white tea. 
Awaiting the fruits of tangerine, orange, lemon, lime, mango, pineapple, avocado and cacao. 
The bananas keep coming and the papayas. 
We are so blessed. Greens and eggs every day. 
We are also harvesting Ha Lau Leo Nani, Our beautiful singing barn, the gathering place at Leo Nani Farms. 
We had three workshops in winter. This was our first real test of the building. 
Does it sing properly? Do all the functions work? Will people thrive in this environment? 
It turns out that walking to the singing barn through the farm is priceless. 
Talking with the farm animals breaks down barriers. 
Cooking and eating the fruits of the farm is nourishing in ways we hadn’t even imagined. 
Feeling the trade winds run through the studio as we sing and move is a constant reminder of breath and elements. 
Hearing the rain on the roof, getting wet, feels good and real. 
The singing barn is an inspiration just as we hoped. 
The vision of farming and art intertwined has carried us through the building process of both the farm and the singing barn. 
Now both are ripening, bearing fruit. We need courage to tend to everything. We get that with your help. 
We need farm workers. We get that through the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms) organization that sends young farmers to us to live and learn, to share this place. 
Now we want to share Ha Lau Leo Nani with other teachers, other students, other projects. 
This year we begin our marketing to make Ha Lau Leo Nani available as a special place for classes, gatherings and performances. 
Stay close for further information. We are here because of our community around the world. 
If you wan to support Leo Nani Farms, please make a tax deductible contrition to Fractured Atlas. 
Or if you prefer to mail a check directly: 

Leo Nani Farms 
PO BOX 371 
Hakalau, Hawaii  96710 

Mahalo nui for this devotion to growing food, sharing meals, making music and art visible on this land. 
A hui hou. Please be welcome at Leo Nani Farms. 
Dream coming real.

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