March 2016

Looks like spring arriving on the farm. 
Pineapples beginning their slow grow out of the center of their spiky plant home. 
Avocado and mango trees blooming like crazy. 
Chickens laying loads of eggs and all of us feeling the ease of nightly rains and sunny days. 
Looks like tomorrow the three mighty roof trusses will be lifted into place on our new singing barn, Ha Lau Leo Nani. 
Many of you have contributed to this project, so congratulations to you that the building is coming to fruition. 
The music will begin there in May with an All the Way In session to inaugurate what is surely going to be a place of creation in the center of a working farm that hums with life.. 
We are happy to announce we have harvested 250 pounds of organic Hawaiian turmeric root. We are shipping to the Mainland now! Please get your orders in while it is fresh. We are also looking for distributors who can sell to their local community. For more information go to our products page. 
We are also beginning the first flush harvest of white tea for 2016. This is a wonderful tea, low in caffeine and very high in antioxidants and delicious. You can order on our products page. 
We are deeply grateful for your enthusiastic support. 
We hope to meet you here one day soon at Leo Nani Farms. 
Until then, a hui hou, 


Hakalau, Hawaii 

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