Fall 2015

Fall, 2015

Season change on the farm after so much growth this summer, our farmer heads are spinning a bit, with 
gratitude for all the pineapples, the avocados, the bananas, the greens, lilikoi (passion fruit) still coming 
on. All of it abundant, proving to us that we are now in a cycle of harvest at Leo Nani Farms. Harvest
and processing, so we can feed ourselves and have plenty left for the Food Share on Tuesdays at the 
bottom of Chin Chuck Rd in Wailea. We are living on the farm seven years as of January 1, 2016. 
Finally the mulching, the ground cover, the feeding and loving care are getting stronger than the 
tropical invasive weeds. 

And did I mention yet, the beautiful tea. Our camellia sinensis crop out in big concentric circles came 
to fruition this spring and summer with four harvests of white tea. We have just picked the last round 
which is drying on racks downstairs. We have brand new black rice paper bags and labels have just 
arrived by mail, so we are ready to get this tea out to you.

If you are interested, please go to the Product Page of this website and you will find instructions for 
purchasing this subtle, rich tea. I have found it great both as iced tea and hot tea. A tip for sun tea, 
perfect as iced tea, is to put a couple of good handfulls in a half gallon glass jar, add a little very hot 
water, swirl to wake up the dried tea, empty out the hot water, add cold water to the top and put out in 
the sun for the day. Bring it in, strain out the leaves and refrigerate. Delicious and ready to drink when 
you want a refreshing break with antioxidants and maximum real flavor.

Do I sound like a believer? Yes I am. This tea gets me through big days working on the farm and makes 
a great end of the work day drink to celebrate whatever it is you spend your time doing. We change the 
world with our lives of daily care, small and large.

We're planting more flowers right now because Janne and I are getting married on the farm October 18, 
2015. Small, local, legal wedding with live music, imu (Hawaiian method of slow, wood-fired cooking 
of meats and vegies in the earth) and ceremony, acknowledging our love and the deep connection with 
this farm and the blessings that has brought us. For sure there will be Hawaiian music, hula and lots of 
food and talk story. What a blessing for the farm to have guests here touching the plants, talking to the 
animals and sharing their farming wisdom of this tropical place.

Ha lau leo nani, the gathering place at Leo Nani Farms, our music teaching studio for Rhiannon and 
photography office for Janne, is finally getting through the architect plans, the permitting, and settling 
on just the right placement on the hill to be sure we feel the Trade Winds and see the mighty Pacific 
below and Mauna Kea above. We should be in the studio by early 2016. Quite a process, but each delay 
and change of plans has been leading us to the right building for the music. Our trust has increased and 
our commitment is steady. Please be welcome in the time ahead to come sing at Leo Nani.

Got sun today so I need to get out there and work in the gardens.
From the ducks, chickens, cows, cats and our new baby puppy, Yogi, Janne and I send greetings of 
aloha and the wish that your fall season is fruitful with harvest for all you need to thrive.
Bless the world, the women and children, the mothers and fathers, the farmers, the artists, the laborers, 
the warriors, the immigrants, the stone beings, the tree beings, the plant beings, the four leggeds, the 
winged ones, the humans, the elements, and all the unseen powers that connect us all.

May peace come and the long awaited rains so that we cherish life endlessly.
Rhiannon and Janne

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