Leo Nani  Farm Stand 
now open
Please stop by
and tell your friends. 

Thursday & Saturday 
3 to 5 PM 
29-3871 Kanna Rd 
off Chin Chuck Rd. Hakalau. 
808.963.5185 for info



 We enter our 11th year on the farm with gratitude, as we combine the growing and processing of food with the continued interconnection of music and art. 
We just finished our winter/spring workshops for 2019 which were full of rich…


Spring 2018

Leo Nani: 

Summer is coming once again in our 10th year at Leo Nani Farms. 

We’re harvesting sugar cane this week, pressing that gorgeous purple cane into gallons of nutritious sweetness. We’re also planting heritage seed corn in…


Summer 2017

Report from Leo Nani Farms 

Look up the hill to see Ha Lua Leo Nani, the Gathering Place at Leo Nani Farms. 

Metal and wood structure made for song and dance, a place to study and perform. 

May 2017


Out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 
Out here in the piko of the world, the belly button as the Hawaiians say. 
We are planting corn and tomatoes, arugula, squash and nasturtiums. 
Also harvesting ulu (breadfruit), and…


Tea, Turmeric, and Workshops

We now have white tea and turmeric for you!  Camellia sinensis tea - fragrant, flowery, low caffeine. And fresh organic olena turmeric:  hundreds of healthy, documented reasons to use turmeric,from arthritis to cancer.  Order yours, or stop by the…

March 2016

Looks like spring arriving on the farm. 
Pineapples beginning their slow grow out of the center of their spiky plant home. 
Avocado and mango trees blooming like crazy. 
Chickens laying loads of eggs and all of us feeling the ease…


Fall 2015

Fall, 2015

Season change on the farm after so much growth this summer, our farmer heads are spinning a bit, with 
gratitude for all the pineapples, the avocados, the bananas, the greens, lilikoi (passion fruit) still coming 
on. All of…

April / May 2014

MAY 2014
Dear planet earth spinning in the height of spring with all of us spinning as well. Doesn't it feel so full,tremendous, out of control and fecund right now?

Leo Nani Farms is thriving with long awaited rains. Everything…